april: anna’s maple and pecan ice cream


I’ve decided that ice cream is going to be my thing this summer! After making it a couple of times recently with very favorable results, I was keen to continue experimenting with new and different flavors!

Once you have an ice cream base that you like, there’s really no limit to the different flavor combinations you can make. I’ve seen lots of unique combinations pop up recently… the most interesting combination I’ve tried is miso and sour cherry, which actually worked really well (I’ve mentally added it to the list of flavors to try making)!

This particular ice cream used maple syrup as a complete substitute for sugar. The recipe suggested using Grade B maple syrup, which has a more intense flavor, but I only had Grade A maple syrup on hand, so I used that instead. I love freshly roasted pecans, so I added those to the ice cream too.



The ice cream turned out really well! Very rich and creamy. I just used plain roasted pecans, but you could also toss them with salt or other spices, for something a little different.

Find the recipe here



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