june: kerri’s vanilla cheesecake with vanilla syrup berries

vanilla cheesecake final

I chose this month’s theme because I love vanilla. I didn’t come to appreciate it until I was an adult, until I tasted desserts made with the vanilla bean. Growing up, my mum only used vanilla extract in her baking. And the only vanilla anything I remember having as a kid was mass produced, commercial, boring vanilla ice cream. The vanilla bean opened up a whole new flavour to me, one far from boring.

I decided to do a cheesecake for my post because B loves cheesecakes. I’m not the biggest fan – I’d rather have a cakey cake or tart – so he often misses out because we like to share desserts. So a vanilla bean cheesecake sounded like something we’d both like.

Cheesecakes, overall, are pretty simple to make. What makes them simpler is using a food processor (rather than an electric mixer). It’s really quick, and the mixture comes out really smooth and uniform. You end up with a cheesecake with a smooth, creamy, rich and light consistency.

vanilla cheesecake1

Martha Stewart’s original recipe uses graham crackers for the base, as do many American recipes. If you don’t have access to graham crackers, use any other sweet biscuit. I used a mixture of digestive and marie biscuits. Her recipe also covers the top of the cheesecake with a chocolate glaze. I decided instead to lighten it up for the hot weather with berries soaked in vanilla syrup (own recipe).

vanilla cheesecake3

I served my cheesecake for afternoon tea when hosting a board games day at our place. It was as promised – smooth, creamy, rich and light. It was enough to keep bellies and taste buds happy, and keep the feuding at bay during Settlers of Catan. And B kept telling me how much he liked it, so it must have been good enough for cheesecake lovers’ standards. Personally I would have liked more vanilla bean to come through so next time I might add more. But it seemed our guests also liked it – one even asked to take some home for his family!

vanilla cheesecake

You can find the recipe here.


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