november-december: kerri’s dark chocolate pretzel tart

It took three attempts of different recipes for me to find the one I wanted to post for our salty and sweet challenge. I wasn’t happy with the recipe for the almond thumbprints with dark chocolate and sea salt that I made first. I found the biscuit base too crumbly, and that the sea salt addition didn’t really add much to incorporate a true salty and sweet treat.


Next, I made Nigella’s bacon brownies, which were actually quite yum but I felt was a bit of a copout! They’re great, though, and I’ve frozen some so I can have a sneaky treat when I feel like one :)


So, when I came across this tart recipe, it sounded like it had all the components of a true salty and sweet baking challenge that I wanted.


I had never thought to use pretzels, even though I know many people love chocolate covered ones. And because of this, when I found the recipe, I thought it would work. As you can see, the pretzels make a great base and add an interesting texture to the shell.


The original recipe uses milk chocolate, but I prefer dark… and my guests agreed. No one could stop at just one slice!



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