january-february: constance’s chocolate and assam tea brownies

Breakfast for me is never complete without a piping hot cup of full-bodied black tea. So for this challenge, I wanted bring in my favourite black tea, Assam tea. I was pretty excited when I found this chocolate and assam tea brownie recipe based off Sydney’s Bourke Street Bakery cookbook.  You can find the recipe here. 

The recipe requires the prunes to be macerated with the tea for 24 hours. The brownies turned out wonderful, moist but with a  fudgey middle.  The tea balanced well with the dark chocolate and the flavour came out very well. The prunes add extra punch layer among the chocolate bits textured into the brownie.



january-february: anna’s earl grey and clementine friands

For my tea dessert, I really wanted to make a plate with a few different components. I wanted to combine the tea flavor with some fruit as well as something creamy. Clementines are in season right now and it was really hard to go past them for the fruit component since they have such a great flavor. Since I was using citrus, earl grey was the obvious choice of tea, and I settled on mascarpone for the creamy component.

I decided to make friands, which are one of my favorite cakes, made from almond meal and egg whites. There’s a small amount of flour in them too, but I used a gluten free flour mix, which I find is a great trick for making cakes lighter. I made my own almond flour in my trusty vitamix and threw in the earl grey leaves to blend together.


I used clementines in both the friands (zest) as well as the mascarpone cream (juice) and served some fresh segments on the side. The friands turned out beautifully – very moist and light. I used a good amount of earl grey tea leaves in the recipe and the flavor came through really well.


The great thing about the friand recipe is that it uses 5 egg whites, and the 5 remaining egg yolks are just the right amount for my go-to ice cream recipe!


Find the recipe here






january-february: kerri’s marco polo ice cream tea cake

My favourite black tea ever is Mariage Freres’ Marco Polo. I first had it many, many years ago when a friend gave my sister and I a Mariage Freres Marco Polo gift set. I had never had tea like it before – it was the first floral-fruity tea I’d had that actually tasted like it smelled! And I’ve been in love with it, and Marriage Freres, ever since.

So for our challenge this month, I wanted to find a recipe where I could use Marco Polo in a cake. After a bit of searching, I found a recipe where you could substitute any black tea, so that’s what I went with. And wonderfully enough, it was an easy and successful cake! The colour of the cake is from the tea, and it was so moist and light.

marco polo tea cake

I decided to make a loaf cake, then upgrade it for a friend’s birthday. I made a creamy, no churn honey ice cream to sandwich between the layers.

marco polo tea cake 2

Then topped it off with fresh cream and flowers.

marco polo tea cake 3

It looks decadent, but it was actually quite light and refreshing on a hot {normal}, Singapore day… and had to be put together, served and eaten in record time so the ice cream didn’t end up as a sauce :)

You can find the recipe here. Enjoy!