march-april: kerri’s chocolate layer birthday cake

Our little man turned one yesterday (already!), and this past weekend saw him have his very first birthday party! I catered the whole event, starting to cook and bake what could be frozen a couple of weeks ago. I decided on the menu pretty quickly. But for so long, I couldn’t decide on the birthday cake. It had to be super special, right?

After searching and searching for the perfect recipe in what spare time I had, I finally came across one at the last minute that sounded super easy, didn’t need a big mixer (I’m surviving on a stick blender at the moment), and would look good as a naked layer cake. {Because all I knew was that I wanted it to be a naked layer cake!}

So here it is, the little man got a chocolate layer cake with vanilla frosting, topped off with one of Mummy’s favourite chocolate bars – Violet Crumble! Sounds so simple, but it worked out quite decadent.


The cake was moist and not too sweet, and being made with oil, the texture was not too crumbly so it held up well. The sweetness came from the frosting, which maybe next time I would make a touch less sweet. But all in all, I’m quite proud of my little one’s first birthday cake! :) He seemed to enjoy it too (well, the small bites of cake I let him have)!

Many guests said it was their favourite item of the day :) (Though what does that say about all my other food? Hehe)

{Please excuse the lack of photos – one super stressed baker trying to get it perfect forgot to take any during the process!}

The cake recipe is from here (thanks, Martha), the frosting recipe from here (thanks, Marcus). But you can find them both here, adjusted for my creation.


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