may-june: kerri’s lemon olive oil cakes

So I’m a couple of days late. I actually baked these on June 30 but circumstances got in the way of posting them up. Sorry for the lateness!

I’ve wanted to bake these for so long, but the original recipe is for meyer lemon cakes and I really wanted to use meyer lemons when I first baked it. However, I’ve not lived in a country where meyer lemons are easily found, so this recipe has stayed in the ‘to do’ category…until now.

We travelled during May-June, and on returning I was overwhelmed with sleep deprivation from baby jet lag, baby travel tummy and studying for my drivers license conversion test which I was super nervous about because I can’t remember what I did yesterday let alone memorise a book full of road rules!

So as I went through an old cookbook, I was looking for something really quick, easy and that I could get done within one baby sleep cycle. I re-read this recipe and decided to use normal lemons (which are not as sweet as meyer lemons) instead, and see how they turned out.

The finished product is good. It’s very lemony (like you get in a good lemon tart, but in cake form), and my mum would LOVE it. If you love lemon, and find that most lemon cakes are too subtle, this is the recipe for you! Of course, to tone down the lemon, add ice cream or thick cream and it balances the flavour out just nicely.

lemon olive oil cakes


You can find the recipe here.



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