may-june: anna’s sour cherry crumb bar

IMG_2022This post is well overdue as June was taken up by my wedding and honeymoon (woot!) and May was a little crazy with all the preparations. I’m now back home trying to adjust to real life…. the good thing about it is that post-wedding, I can actually eat the sweets I bake (woot woot!)

What a treat to have fresh sour cherries to bake with! They arrived in a friend’s CSA box and were the inspiration for my bake sale dish. I’ve never baked or cooked with them before, and was really excited to use them.

I used the same base recipe as the blueberry crumb bar I made for the breakfast cereal theme back in 2013.  I made some adjustments, including replacing some of the flour with ground pecans (freshly roasted and ground pecans add the best flavor) and using orange zest and juice in place of lemon.

These bars are delicious and the sour cherries are really something special! I made them for a Fourth of July party but they would definitely be popular at a bake sale too!


Find the recipe here


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