july-aug: kerri’s chocolate pot de creme

I love parties where there is a lot of food. Not just quantity, but variety. Like at a buffet. Yes, I am greedy and want my tummy to be satisfied. But I don’t like to go home rolling out the door because the serving sizes were too big and I wanted to try it all. So when I think of party food, I think of small bites, finger food, variety in little mouthfuls so guests can try it all.

And, as has been for the past year or so, I needed a quick and easy recipe for this challenge. Which, in hindsight, is just what you want when doing multiple dishes for a party. Yay, we all win!

I’m a big fan of Williams Sonoma’s Tasting Table. So when the video came up for this recipe, I knew straight away it was what I wanted to make. I ran out of my favourite Callebaut chocolate to bake with, and have not found where I can buy it here in Singapore yet. So I’m trying out different brands here that I can find. This particular one is only 55% cocoa, but the recipe wants a darker chocolate. I think it is fine, though I would probably prefer a darker one. This is more mainstream, middle of the road, not too bitter, not too sweet.

The recipe calls for a topping of ganache and cocoa nibs. But I ran out of ganache, and cocoa nibs are harder to find. So I did half with ganache and Lindt 70% dark chocolate curls, and half with crushed Oreos.



And here they are, my chocolate pots de creme.


And I found the cutest little pots in the kitchenware store here, complete with lids which makes transporting them or giving them as gifts super easy!


You can find the recipe here.



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