September – October : Constance’s Compost Cookies

When I think of comfort food, freshly baked, gooey cookies always comes to mind. Christine Tosi of NYC Milk Bar’s Compost Cookies is one that ranks in all kinds of cookie awesomeness, well, because its the kitchen sink of cookies. We are talking about a hot mess of oats, potato chips, pretzels, butterscotch chips, coffee, graham bits with your standard cookie mixture.


As with most Milk Bar recipes – the mixture requires a 10 minute creaming process. For best results, use a stand alone processor.


Comfort food? You can pretty much add what your little heart desires – hence the name, compost cookies. This little cookie is magical, you will not look at a cookie the same again.

Recipe can be found here or from the Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook


september-october: kerri’s chocolate stuck cake with clotted cream

Comfort food. It’s the best, isn’t it? There’s nothing like a warm apple pie with ice cream, or a hot, just out of the oven pudding. When I think of comfort food, it’s usually warm or hot in temperature, so living in Singapore, it’s not something that I have considered baking very often.

But, I did decide to do a hot dessert for a dinner with some special friends. We just cranked up the air conditioning :)


I came across this recipe a few years ago in a chocolate cookbook my sister gave me. It’s supposed to be baked in a pie dish then everyone gets a spoon and digs in. I decided to do individual ones, to make it look a bit more special. It’s not the most attractive dessert, especially as I probably chose the wrong shape to bake it in.


Comfort food. What matters is how it tastes and how it makes you feel, not how it looks, right? And this was yum. So yum. Warm, chocolatey but not too rich or sweet. And with the clotted cream, it was just…well, all I’ll say is one serve was not enough.


You can find the recipe here.