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october: y’s green tea ice cream

As a kid I absolutely loved going on regular family trips to the local park. Not just for the monkey bars that were tantalisingly out of reach for junior-monkey arms, or the dangerous and slightly exhilarating seesaws. Not even to feed the ducks, although I enjoyed all of those things very much. Instead, what I most looked forward to was our encounter with the mini ice-cream van. Well, I called it a van but really it was a dude with a freezer unit attached to his motorcycle. He would make rounds of the park, stopping intermittently in crowded spots, and these stubby legs of mine could not walk fast enough to locate the van. That’s how much I loved ice-cream. Still do.

So green tea ice-cream was the first thing that came to mind when the theme for October was announced. Despite having eaten lots of green tea ice-cream before, I’ve never made it, so it is with many thanks to the BSS posse of bloggers that I’ve finally had the inspiration and motivation to make some.

Tea has been a favourite beverage ever since those tiny cups of Ti Kuan Yin sipped daintily over a dim sum lunch. However age has cursed me with an intolerance for black teas so these days I stick to green tea or herbal brews. This recipe is based on the Philadelphia-style method of making ice-cream, which handily dispenses with the need for egg yolks or any sort of fussy custard production. Just perfect for hot weather days.

You can find the recipe here.


From BSS:
A huge thank you to Y for being our first guest baker! Her ice cream looks delicious and we’ll be making it ourselves! See her other amazing creations on lemonpi – they will definitely inspire you.