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october: jasmine’s summer pudding


Sorry for the late post! Even though the deadline was extended for 1 month, I still found myself stretched for time and running late! This is the life of a working mom. I am impressed with myself when I can walk out of the house with a clean outfit on, a neat appearance and on time! lol!

When the bread theme was announced, I turned to a page in one of my recipe books, which I had dog-eared years ago!  I have always been intrigued by summer pudding. A pudding with berries and made of white bread! What would it taste like? Would I actually like it? The concept of it was a bit strange to me at first.

However, working in an office with a lot of English people, I soon learned a lot about summer pudding and what berries to use, type of bread, quality of bread, what to serve it with.

I do not like my desserts too sweet, so I did not add a lot of sugar to the berries and kept them fairly tart. This pudding is really easy to make. No baking involved. The time it takes for it to be ready is really the time that it needs in the fridge (overnight), squashed under 1 kilo of apples!

I served this dessert with vanilla yogurt, but I know that it will also work well with custard, thickened cream and even ice cream!

I am going to keep this recipe on the top of mind over the summer season. Perfect simple dessert recipe when I have people over AND am stretched for time….which is ALWAYS!


november: anna’s pumpkin, cranberry and pecan quickbread

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m writing this post from an amazing house in the Catskills…check out the view!

Catskills Thanksgiving

This month, I definitely wanted to make something to celebrate the seasonal ingredients available at this time of year. This quickbread recipe from Amy’s Bread combining pumpkin, fresh cranberries and pecans was perfect.I have never used canned pumpkin puree before (it doesn’t even exist back home in Australia!) and couldn’t bring myself to do so, so I made my own by roasting and then pureeing butternut squash. I think it was worth the extra effort!
Roasted Butternut Squash Homemade Pumpkin Puree
Fresh cranberries are a treat when you can get them. Unlike the dried version, they are extremely tart and I thought they added a great freshness and pop to the quickbread.
Fresh Cranberries
I was really happy with the way the bread turned out. Not to sweet and perfect for breakfast with a cup of coffee. I made this a day ahead so we could focus on preparing Thanksgiving lunch!
Find the recipe here

october: kerri’s apple charlottes

So sorry for my lateness in posting. I actually baked my dessert quite a few weeks ago but got distracted by various happenings that I forgot to post it up! My sincere apologies!

I have always wanted to make apple charlottes, but have never been a bit bread-in-desserts fan until the past few years. This particular recipe I’ve had in my sights for a very long time, but it often slips my mind when thinking about a dessert to make. So this was the perfect opportunity to finally try it out.

apple charlotte1

It’s an easy recipe which needs quite a bit of time – mostly for baking and cooling. So prepare ahead. I used pink lady apples instead of granny smiths, as specified in the recipe, because of availability. Pink lady’s are one of my favourite and make for a sweeter, more mellow taste.

apple charlotte2I served mine with pouring cream and some extra cooked apples. But this dessert also goes well with ice cream or custard. It’s a great ending to a meal – not as heavy as you think a bread dessert might be, and the apples could even trick you into thinking it’s slightly healthy!

My guests enjoyed it, even though I accidentally left mine cooking a little too long! Not as soft as the bread should have been, but the extra time made for more of a sweet tart crust :)

You can find the recipe here.

october: lisa’s chocolate buns

Bread – it’s one of my favourite things! All sorts – savoury or sweet, it can be eaten any time of the day! So this being a sweet themed blog, I decided to combine two of my favourite things – chocolate and bread.

This is by no means a new invention. In fact, this creation has been somewhat inspired by the chocolate bread twist that’s sold in my local Bread Top bakery. I created (what I think is) a healthier version, though if you like your bread sweet, feel free to add a little more sugar to the dough.

What I also love about making my own bread is that it’s quite theraputic. You can work the dough as hard as you want, kneading out your stress until you end up with the smoothest dough. Then coming back an hour later to see the magic of the dough doubling in size is also quite exciting. If your dough hasn’t risen, check that you’ve placed it somewhere warm enough (should be a little warmer than “room temperature”), or that your yeast hasn’t expired.

This month has been perfect weather for making bread in Sydney. Nice warm days that are also a little humid creates the perfect environment for the bread to rise. If you are somewhere a little cooler, try preheating your oven to the lowest temperature (around 25C – 30C), then when you’re ready for the dough to rise, put it in your oven and turn the oven off. There should be enough temperature kept inside the oven for your bread to rise. Otherwise, reheat it again after about 30 minutes, turning it off again after 5 minutes (once it has reached temperature).

I used “choc bits” for this recipe – small drop shaped chocolate bits. I just happened to have some in the pantry, and also it saved me the work of chopping up regular chocolate. If you don’t happen to have any, then roughly chopped chocolate will work just as well.


Once you have divided your dough into portions and placed in the tin, there should not be any gaps between the rolls after the final rise.

Above: before
Below: after

The best compliment I got on my bread was “wow! it looks, tastes and feels like real bread!”. I responded with, “it is real bread! I made it myself!”.

I hope you can all give it a go and enjoy these chocolate buns. Not too sweet – they can be enjoyed just on their own, spread with butter or margarine, or with mascarpone for an indulgence. Happy baking!


#20 october: bread

bread-basketBread is a staple in our diets and is found in different forms all around the world. But it can also be transformed into delicious desserts. Watch this space to see our bread creations this month!