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april: anna’s maple and pecan ice cream


I’ve decided that ice cream is going to be my thing this summer! After making it a couple of times recently with very favorable results, I was keen to continue experimenting with new and different flavors!

Once you have an ice cream base that you like, there’s really no limit to the different flavor combinations you can make. I’ve seen lots of unique combinations pop up recently… the most interesting combination I’ve tried is miso and sour cherry, which actually worked really well (I’ve mentally added it to the list of flavors to try making)!

This particular ice cream used maple syrup as a complete substitute for sugar. The recipe suggested using Grade B maple syrup, which has a more intense flavor, but I only had Grade A maple syrup on hand, so I used that instead. I love freshly roasted pecans, so I added those to the ice cream too.



The ice cream turned out really well! Very rich and creamy. I just used plain roasted pecans, but you could also toss them with salt or other spices, for something a little different.

Find the recipe here



april: kerri’s maple syrup ice cream

Many apologies for my late april post! I was three quarters the way through when 30 April became 1 May. Meaning I only had one step left (ok, two when you count the freezing) before I ran out of time.

I’ve discovered that days and dates blur in a way they haven’t before when most days (and nights) are spent feeding a little one, and feeling accomplished when you can actually leave the house looking somewhat together :) So the end of April crept up on me too fast, even though I had my recipe ready for some time. Again, apologies… but here it is!

When maple syrup was announced as the theme this month, my mind went into overdrive. So many ways to use it, how do I choose just one? Circumstances are a good way to narrow things down. I needed something simple and fast. And wanted something indulgent that I couldn’t have while pregnant. Home made ice cream was the answer :)

When we were living in Hong Kong, we subscribed to the Asian Food Channel on which many Canadian food shows are shown. One of our favourites was ‘Chuck’s Day Off’, where chef Chuck Hughes cooks simple, hearty recipes for the every day person in his restaurant kitchen. So when I came across his recipe for maple ice cream, I knew I had to try it. I stuck to the original recipe bar the maple flakes, which I didn’t have.

maple syrup ice cream

And it was as easy and delicious as I thought it would be. And my guests also thought the same. Creamy and not too sweet, it’s a recipe I will keep in my repertoire. It goes well with anything, giving a different but not-too-distinctive flavour to vanilla when paired with almost anything. I served mine with brownies, but it’s equally as good on it’s own (as you can see from my second helping in the photo!).

You can find the recipe here.



april: lisa’s anzac cookies

I’ve been getting the feeling that I’m into cookies recently. I feel I should apologise since the last couple of posts from me have been for cookies, but they are just so convenient and easy to transport! I haven’t been having many brunch, lunch or dinner parties of late, so I haven’t really had the need to create an actual dessert dessert. But cookies can be eaten anytime, anywhere, as a snack or a filler.


With ANZAC day coming up this Friday, I thought it would be a great time to whip up some Anzac cookies. For those of you who may have not heard of them before, the story goes that the biscuits were made by wives and sent to Australian and New Zealand soldiers during the war. Eggs were not used due to scarcity and also so that the biscuits would not spoil easily.


The recipe is very kid friendly, and I remember making these often while growing up at home. The traditional recipe uses golden syrup instead of maple syrup, but I’ve found that using maple syrup gives the cookies a slightly different texture – less chewy, a little more crispy, and less sweet. Combined with the health benefits of maple syrup, and ingredients such as rolled oats, you could almost convince yourself that these cookies are healthy!


Enjoy! And lest we forget.


april: maple syrup


Maple syrup – the luscious, sweet liquid we most commonly know as the ideal topping for pancakes and waffles. Made from the sap of maple trees, it was first collected and used by the indigenous people of North America.

What you may not know is that maple syrup actually has many health benefits. Since it directly comes from a plant’s sap, this natural sweetener features over 54 antioxidants that can help delay or prevent diseases caused by free radicals, such as cancer and diabetes. Who knew eating something so delicious would be so good for you?!

Many substitutes and imitations are available, but once you’ve tasted the real thing, you’ll never go back.

This month, we’re creating new recipes featuring maple syrup. Stay tuned to see our creations!