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july: lisa’s baked chocomochi

One of my favourite Asian desserts is mochi. You know, the soft, usually white, Japanese sweet cake like ball made out of glutinous rice flour? It’s chewy and sweet, and comes with a variety of fillings – azuki bean, mung bean, matcha mousse, custard, the list is endless. I bought a bag of glutinous rice flour with the intention of making such mochi, but then I thought, this stuff is everywhere. You can buy it in any Asian supermarket ready made, what’s so special or creative about that?

So I decided to think about what other Asian desserts I like. There’s a fried version of mochi ball you see at yum cha. You know the one – the mochi is a little thinner, still will filling, then fried and covered in sesame seeds. Yummo! But I hate deep frying things. So what to do?


How about baking mochi, almost like a brownie? You’d get the chewy texture of mochi, but with a chocolatey taste instead of just the plain sweet taste. And so the chocomochi was born!

This was super quick and easy to make. Just make sure to sieve the mixture at the end to get out all the lumps before baking. If you don’t, the lumps will get really hard during the baking process, and won’t be at all nice to eat. Find the recipe here. Best just out of the oven, with a crispy, chewy outside. Also totally fine to keep for up to a week in an airtight container, if they last that long!



july: kerri’s crispy milo rice treats


When rice was announced as the theme this month, I immediately thought the crispy rice treats my grandma used to make. I used to love going to her place and seeing if she had any in her snack cupboard. Hers were not like the ones that use marshmallows as the base. She made hers with malt and liquid glucose. But her actual recipe was lost, so a couple of years ago, I experimented with some recipes and ingredients (there were some I couldn’t find) and came up with my own, which tastes as similar to hers as I remember.

{I just realised as I was looking through the history of posts, that I did actually post the recipe I came up with last year under the cereal theme! Luckily I played around with some of the ingredients this time – they actually came out crispier :) }

I substituted Milo for the malt powder, simply because I couldn’t find any on my trip to the supermarket. The Milo flavour does not come out distinctly, but adds to the ‘maltiness’ that I love about these. They are also not too sweet, so you can eat more than one :)


It’s not fancy, but it is a treat. And I guarantee, adults love them just as much as children!

You can find the recipe here.