I’m addicted to all things sweet. My love for sweet things stems from growing up in the British countryside where every weekend there is always a pie or a tart, cake or crumble ready for me. I’m very much all things sugary and not so much spice.

I fell in love with baking when I moved to California, mostly because I missed the good old crumble or treacle tart. As trendy LA cafes started popping up everywhere so did my need to emulate what I saw in the shops and giving it my own spin. And so, I started baking. Anything that I tasted was eventually test kitchened in my not – so- grown – up kitchen. My growing repertoire of recipes often reflect the different countries that I’ve lived in and the countless restaurants that I’ve been too.
Now, I often find myself whipping up all things sweet, finding any occasion to bake away in my tiny, Hong Kong kitchen.
I’m excited to start baking and testing new recipes and ingredients and most of all, sharing them with you!

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