Hey there! 

As someone who was well and truly bitten by the travel bug from a young age, I consider myself somewhat of a habitual wanderluster and eternal globetrotter. Raised in Sydney, but having lived in New Orleans, Shanghai, HK and currently Singapore, my love of the life nomadic has led me on some amazing culinary adventures, and left me with a curious palette!  One of the things I have loved throughout my travels is tasting the flavours of the world- nothing tells you more about a place than trying a bite of this and a spoonful of that! So, while I don’t consider myself a baker, or even a dessert fiend, I am very much a foodie who loves to cook and play with new flavours.

Growing up, baking wasn’t a huge part of my mum’s repertoire (although I do have fond memories of summers spent trying to recreate egg tarts with her) but my journey to sweetness really began with an ill-conceived attempt at baking my first cake with my 7yr old best friend. We figured that all that was involved was milk, sugar, butter and flour – combined in basically equal amounts (not that any measuring was done), at a random temperature, and baked until we got tired trampolining outside. I’ll never forget the looks on our mum’s faces as they tried our wobbly “slices” of cake. Hesitant to dampen our eager, flour doused faces, we’ve never gotten the true verdict but we were given a baking cookbook soon after. 
To some extent- this sense of adventure has not changed in my approach to cooking. I love trying new recipes, recreating things Ive eaten and of course, I specialise in deviating from recipes-  adding a splash of this, a sprinkle of that. On getaways, I have been known to commandeer the kitchen and stay up to all hours trying out crazy concoctions on my unassuming friends and family, but Im happy to report that my experiments are a lot more successful these days. My favourite tradition and yearly penultimate cooking challenge is the christmas dinner that I try to host for a mix of friends each year- I rarely repeat menus, and rarely know exactly what Im doing.. and its a grand ol time. Just don’t ask me for the recipe cause chances are I made half of it up.

So. Here I am. Humbled by the baking prowress of the ladies who reside here, but very much relishing the challenge of having new themes to create to… bring it on!