I love food. I love cooking. I love eating. I love reading cookbooks & recipes. I love looking at food, especially when it’s presented well. I secretly wish I was a food stylist. I guess you could say I have a little obsession.

I don’t remember when I fell in love with cooking. Mum had a huge collection of cookbooks plus hundreds of cut out recipes from magazines & newspapers. I would sit & read these often & for hours on the floor or on a little stool in the hallway where they were kept. My sister & I grew up helping mum cook dinner, as well as catering for parties held in our home. As we grew older & more able, we would experiment more with new & more difficult recipes, trialling them on Dad & our brothers. And so began my journey of cooking, baking, tasting, experimenting, taking risks & presenting food.

Born & raised in Australia, I was living in Hong Kong when Butter Sweet Symphony was born. I moved to Singapore in 2013, and am still finding the best places to buy the ingredients I need for cooking and baking, in amongst being a new mum. The challenge of moving to a new country, as well as moving into a new stage of life. But once things start to settle down and I’m a bit more mobile, I’m looking forward to exploring what Singapore has to offer for the enthusiastic home baker, and how the heat and humidity affects my creations. And I’m looking forward to experimenting with growing number of locally produced ingredients which are finding their way onto the supermarket shelves.

Hope you enjoy this journey as much as we do!


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