coconut quinoa soup


Serves 4

1 1/2 cups milk (plus extra if required)
1/2 cup quinoa
1/4 cup plus 1 tablespoon caster sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla paste
130g water chestnuts, quartered
1 teaspoon red food colouring
2 tablespoons tapioca flour
75ml coconut milk
Fruit toppings (eg. mango, pomegranate)
Crushed ice, to serve

Place the quinoa in a strainer and rinse with cold water.
Place the milk, vanilla paste and 1 tablespoon of the caster sugar into a small saucepan and heat gently until all the sugar is dissolved.
Add the washed quinoa to the saucepan, and gently simmer for 20 – 30 minutes, or until quinoa is tender, stirring occasionally.
You may need to add more milk if the mixture starts getting too dry.
Once the quinoa is cooked, set aside in a bowl and allow to cool.

In a small bowl, combine the red dye with 1 cup of water.
Soak the quartered water chestnuts in the diluted red dye for 20 minutes.
After 20 minutes is up, drain the water chestnuts and toss with the tapioca flour until all chestnuts are evenly coated.
In a medium sized saucepan, bring water to the boil, and drop water chestnuts into the water one at a time.
Allow the chestnuts to cook for approximately 2 minutes. They will float to the top once cooked.
Immediately place cooked chestnuts in a bowl of cold water to prevent them from sticking to each other.

Make a sugar syrup by combining 1/4 cup water and the remaining 1/4 cup sugar.
Once the sugar is dissolved, allow to boil for a further 2 – 3 minutes, then remove from the heat. 

Finely dice the mango, and prepare other fruit for plating.

Divide your cooked quinoa into 4 servings, then share out the toppings (chestnuts and fruit). Top with the coconut milk, and as much or as little of the sugar syrup, to taste. Add some crushed ice, and enjoy.



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