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february-march: kerri’s instant chocolate mousse

It was the little man’s third birthday earlier this month. Since moving to London, he’s found himself a little best friend, and we’ve made some good friends too. So we threw him a little party! I love planning, styling and DIY’ing as much as I can – a bit of a creative outlet for me which I enjoy and find therapeutic. This year, though, we planned a holiday 2 weeks before the party which meant I only had one week to do everything if I didn’t forward plan and prep. So I did as much decorating as possible, and chose recipes which would freeze well, and was able to get quite a lot done before we went away. I left the birthday cake decorating and just a few things to finish off during the week before the party, and thankfully I did, because the birthday cake decorating took probably double the time than I anticipated!

Dino-lunch set up!

So I could have really posted any of the recipes I chose for this celebration. We had the birthday cake – chocolate and vanilla cakes layered with vanilla buttercream, brownie cookies, Thomas Keller’s white cupcakes with vanilla frosting and fondant dinos, and strawberry stegosaurus hand pies.

But I chose the T-Rex instant chocolate mousse teeth because, well, I could not believe how easy and how instant and how good this chocolate mousse is – I felt I really needed to share it with you! And because it’s instant, it’s easily pipe-able if you want to use it to decorate a cake, fill a cone (as I did), or just make it look pretty!

Seriously, this is so good (thanks Nigella!). There’s a pack of marshmallows in there but don’t worry, if you use 70% chocolate, it’s actually not sweet. And as an added bonus, there are no eggs in the recipe, so it’s perfect for those with egg allergies! (Note: it does contain dairy.) So go ahead, make it for dessert tonight.

You can find the recipe here.


september-october: kerri’s malteser cake

I thought I would find this challenge easy as I have had a few ‘deconstructed’ desserts in restaurants, and thought about recreating those experiences. However, as I was choosing exactly what to deconstruct, I couldn’t think of much that really wouldn’t be like not putting the components together like in a pie, and just presenting them separately. Maybe it was a lack of creativity on my part…

But then my Malteser-loving hubby’s birthday rolled around. I had seen a recipe a few months ago for a Malteser Pie, but when I looked for it, I googled ‘Malteser Cake’ instead and voila, found a perfect birthday cake for him!


It is deconstructed in the sense that you have chocolate cake, malt frosting which tastes exactly (in my opinion!) like the malt ball, then finished off with some chocolate ganache for more chocolatey goodness.


The original recipe uses the whole cake, which has quite a dome on it (as you can see below), maybe to make it look more round like a malteser. The cake was super easy to make, not even needing a mixer (though you do need one for the frosting). But I think next time I would prefer a more crumb-y cake, a more cakey cake. This one was fine, still tasted good but I just prefer a different texture.


The original recipe is also wholly covered in ganache, then wholly decorated with Maltesers! I decided to change it up a bit so it was a bit of a surprise on first bite, and also to make it look a bit more ‘mature’ :).

For our little family, I decided to make a mini version, using 10cm springform tins instead of a 20cm tin. I cut the domes off, each cake became a layer (instead of slicing into thinner ones), left the frosting exposed and dripped the ganache over. One of the best compliments from the hubby – he thought I bought it!

And here it is, the finished cake.


You can find the recipe here.

january-february: kerri’s (ovenly’s secretly vegan) chocolate chip cookies

When I saw this recipe a few months ago, it sparked my interest because it claimed that you would never know they were vegan. No butter in a cookie? Really? No eggs? Really?

But it wasn’t just that. Six out of nine of my nieces and nephews have / have had food allergies. So this theme is close to my heart. For the past 17 years, our family get togethers changed from let’s-cook-whatever-we-want to still-yummy-but-much-more-considered meals, and especially desserts, of which I’m usually in charge. One of my nieces is anaphylactic to nuts. That means contact with nuts could be life threatening for her. So I’ve learnt to be very careful when I know I’m going to see her, and especially if I’m baking. I’ve tried a few different recipes over these years, and there was always something about them that wasn’t quite perfect.

But when I found, tried and tested this recipe, I knew it was a winner, on all counts. As well as being friendly for people with dairy, egg and nut allergies, it is also one of the quickest, simplest recipes I {now} have in my go-to collection… and yes, it’s one of the yummiest choc chip cookies I have ever had.


No mixer needed, just a whisk, 2 bowls and a spatula for mixing. Flour, rising agents, salt and choc chips in one bowl. Sugars, oil and water in the other. Mix together. As simple as that.


The time {but no effort} consuming part of this recipe is resting the mixture for 12-24 hours. So you do need to think ahead if you want these for a particular day.


An optional step is to freeze the dough for around 10 minutes after portioning to help them retain their shape. I’ve not tried baking them without this step {because I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I like them to look uniform} but go ahead if you don’t want to wait, and let me know how they turn out!


I’ve made them on a few occasions now, and undoubtedly they get the most compliments than any other cookie I’ve baked. And no one really believes me when I tell them they’re vegan. They all give me the same incredulous look until they realise I’m not lying, and then they just have another one… and another… and another.

You can find the recipe here.

september-october: kerri’s chocolate stuck cake with clotted cream

Comfort food. It’s the best, isn’t it? There’s nothing like a warm apple pie with ice cream, or a hot, just out of the oven pudding. When I think of comfort food, it’s usually warm or hot in temperature, so living in Singapore, it’s not something that I have considered baking very often.

But, I did decide to do a hot dessert for a dinner with some special friends. We just cranked up the air conditioning :)


I came across this recipe a few years ago in a chocolate cookbook my sister gave me. It’s supposed to be baked in a pie dish then everyone gets a spoon and digs in. I decided to do individual ones, to make it look a bit more special. It’s not the most attractive dessert, especially as I probably chose the wrong shape to bake it in.


Comfort food. What matters is how it tastes and how it makes you feel, not how it looks, right? And this was yum. So yum. Warm, chocolatey but not too rich or sweet. And with the clotted cream, it was just…well, all I’ll say is one serve was not enough.


You can find the recipe here.

july-aug: kerri’s chocolate pot de creme

I love parties where there is a lot of food. Not just quantity, but variety. Like at a buffet. Yes, I am greedy and want my tummy to be satisfied. But I don’t like to go home rolling out the door because the serving sizes were too big and I wanted to try it all. So when I think of party food, I think of small bites, finger food, variety in little mouthfuls so guests can try it all.

And, as has been for the past year or so, I needed a quick and easy recipe for this challenge. Which, in hindsight, is just what you want when doing multiple dishes for a party. Yay, we all win!

I’m a big fan of Williams Sonoma’s Tasting Table. So when the video came up for this recipe, I knew straight away it was what I wanted to make. I ran out of my favourite Callebaut chocolate to bake with, and have not found where I can buy it here in Singapore yet. So I’m trying out different brands here that I can find. This particular one is only 55% cocoa, but the recipe wants a darker chocolate. I think it is fine, though I would probably prefer a darker one. This is more mainstream, middle of the road, not too bitter, not too sweet.

The recipe calls for a topping of ganache and cocoa nibs. But I ran out of ganache, and cocoa nibs are harder to find. So I did half with ganache and Lindt 70% dark chocolate curls, and half with crushed Oreos.



And here they are, my chocolate pots de creme.


And I found the cutest little pots in the kitchenware store here, complete with lids which makes transporting them or giving them as gifts super easy!


You can find the recipe here.


March – April: Constance’s Brooklyn Blackout Stout Cake

Brooklyn Blackout. I first tried this little gem when I was in NYC over Christmas at Brooklyn’s Ovenly. The cake calls for Brooklyn’s Brewery Chocolate Stout which has a nice, caramel flavour, balanced with really dark dutch processed pudding buttercream.

Baking in Hong Kong can be a hassle at times when it comes to sourcing ingredients. I opted to just pop into the local beer house by my flat with a large bottle and asked them to fill it up with Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout. It was served, coupled with a few odd looks but I did return with a few slices for them to sample.

The recipe yields a two layer 9 – inch cake, but I opted to make a three tiered 6 inch cake. You can find the recipe in the Ovenly’s Bake Book or here. I had some batter left over, so I made a cupcake, threw it into the food processor and topped it off with cake bits and shaved chocolate.

The cake didn’t turn out as dark as the Ovenly one, as I used regular Dutch processing powder rather than Dark Dutch processing powder. What I noticed between the two was using dark dutch powder would have provided the bittersweet taste that would compliment the chocolate stout cake. However, it was still very rich. The recipe also had a salted caramel buttercream version  – which i would like to try out next time.

Well, there you have it – chocolate, beer and pudding buttercream – layered in all its glory.

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