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september-october: constance’s banana pudding layer cake

Hello friends! I’ve been a bit MIA for a while, so apologies! Following Kerri – I also had a hard time ‘deconstructing’, because frankly, I believe cake should be layered and not taken apart.  Anyways, it was the bff’s 30th birthday and he specifically requested banana pudding. So, I decided to cake-ify it. If there was any deconstruction and reconstructing going on, this cake it is. Plus, I got to use my handy new KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

Banana Pudding is very American recipe, pretty standard in most American family recipe archives. It consists of 4 things: Nilla Wafers, Bananas, Cool Whip and Vanilla Pudding. And typical to Hong Kong, Nilla Wafers were unavailable, so I made my own.

The Vanilla Wafers were really easy to make, and a lot yummier than the boxed Nilla Wafers.

I used both vanilla bean paste and vanilla bean extract which tastes miles better than the processed vanilla in the boxed wafers.

To make the cake portion, I made 3 layers of banana cake rounds in 9in cake pans. For the filling, I used a cream cheese and box vanilla pudding mix. To frost, I used a vanilla whipped cream frosting.


To layer the cake, I cut of the domes and started spreading the vanilla pudding filling on the cake. Then, I added 10-15 vanilla wafers. Add the second layer of cake and repeat again. Place the third layer on the cake to complete and frost the vanilla whipped cream around the cake. Decorate the cake with the the remainder of the vanilla wafers.

You can find the recipe here.



March – April: Constance’s Brooklyn Blackout Stout Cake

Brooklyn Blackout. I first tried this little gem when I was in NYC over Christmas at Brooklyn’s Ovenly. The cake calls for Brooklyn’s Brewery Chocolate Stout which has a nice, caramel flavour, balanced with really dark dutch processed pudding buttercream.

Baking in Hong Kong can be a hassle at times when it comes to sourcing ingredients. I opted to just pop into the local beer house by my flat with a large bottle and asked them to fill it up with Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout. It was served, coupled with a few odd looks but I did return with a few slices for them to sample.

The recipe yields a two layer 9 – inch cake, but I opted to make a three tiered 6 inch cake. You can find the recipe in the Ovenly’s Bake Book or here. I had some batter left over, so I made a cupcake, threw it into the food processor and topped it off with cake bits and shaved chocolate.

The cake didn’t turn out as dark as the Ovenly one, as I used regular Dutch processing powder rather than Dark Dutch processing powder. What I noticed between the two was using dark dutch powder would have provided the bittersweet taste that would compliment the chocolate stout cake. However, it was still very rich. The recipe also had a salted caramel buttercream version  – which i would like to try out next time.

Well, there you have it – chocolate, beer and pudding buttercream – layered in all its glory.

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september: anna’s mini funfetti layer cakes

Funfetti Layer Cakes

Funfetti Cake is another thing to add to the list of things I’d never heard of before moving to the States. It’s a boxed cake mix sold on supermarket shelves and made / eaten by kids around the country. The first time I came across it was in the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook, where Christina Tosi makes her own version from scratch. The presentation of the cake, in three dramatic layers, really caught my eye. I made it last year for a friend’s birthday, but I have to say that it did taste a little too “boxed” for me (which I guess is what she was going for). Even when I was a kid, I could definitely taste the difference between made-from-scratch cakes and those made from boxed mixes.

So I used my go-to Magnolia Bakery recipe for the cake and added a heaping scoop of sprinkles. I baked the cake in a sheet pan and when cooled, cut out little circles with a biscuit cutter to form the layers. I also used a cream cheese frosting instead of vanilla.
Mini Funfetti Cake Cutter
The result was these adorable little cakes.
Mini Funfetti Layer Cake
The other great thing about this dish is the leftover cake scraps for breakfast the next day!
Mini Funfetti Cake Scraps
Kiddie treats was such a fun theme for this month. I have to say that I had a ball making this dessert! Multi-colored sprinkles mixed in cake batter…what’s not to love?!

Find the recipe here

june: anna’s special project

My friends recently tied the knot in a small ceremony with only their immediate families present. Not ones to miss the opportunity for a party, they had another gathering over the weekend to celebrate. The idea of making a surprise wedding cake came up over dinner one night with some friends who live in the neighborhood. They are both fashion designers, so it worked out very well, as they were in charge of design and I was in charge of baking!

We threw around a few ideas but decided on a gaming / xbox theme for the cake. We created their xbox avatars out of colored fondant and made some “Words With Friends” tiles to spell out their names.

To tie in with the June nuts theme, the cake was hazelnut banana, and I made my own hazelnut praline paste for the frosting (the leftovers are great on toast – tastes like a melted ferrero rocher!). I also made a passionfruit curd to sandwich between the layers.

I didn’t know whether the newlyweds would want me to post a picture of the cake online (it ended up that they were ok with it), so I also made a cupcake version for the blog. I hollowed out the cupcake, filled it with the passionfruit curd, topped it with the hazelnut praline frosting, and finished it off with some crumbled hazelnut praline and a slice of caramelized banana. The passionfruit curd and hazelnut praline frosting were my favorite components. They were really tasty and not your usual frosting flavors!! The texture from the hazelnut praline and caramelized banana was also a great touch.

The cake was a big hit and a really nice surprise for the wedding couple! They even froze the last piece for their one year anniversary! Thanks to the creative team for the amazing design! And congrats and best wishes to S + J!!