march-april: kerri’s lemon madeleines

Madeleines. I’ve always wanted to make them but always thought they would be difficult. I never read a recipe, just an assumption because they’re french and light, and fiddly because they’re small.

My mum kept some madeleine pans for me which she’s had for many, many years. I decided to bring them back with me after going home for Christmas, because at the back of my mind, my increasing curiosity was getting the better of me.

So I knew exactly what I wanted to make when the bite sized theme was announced. I didn’t want to make something big into bite sized pieces. I wanted to make something that was always meant to be bite sized. And of course, I really wanted to break out those madeleine pans and give them a go.


Madeleines, after all, are not difficult to make. Mine weren’t perfect – a few too many air bubbles in the first couple of batches, but I found that as I sat the raw mix a bit longer, it settled down a bit and the madeleines were still as light, just didn’t have as many holes in them!


So enjoy. They’re so small, light and airy that you really can have more than one, or two, or three, or…


You can find the recipe here.


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