july – august: raw

Whether you’re eating food with as little heat interference as possible, or using ingredients with as little to no processing as possible, going raw is quite the rage at the moment. So we thought we’d take on this challenge for raw desserts! Stay tuned as we do some searching and creating for you!

March – April: Bite-Sized Fun

This month, we are going to try out some Bite Sized Fun. Nothing sweeter than tiny, once you pop, you can’t stop little bits of goodness!

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 1.50.31 PM.png

photo source –  aspicyperspective.com


Change was clearly in the air here at Buttersweetsymphony because just like Kerri, I’ve also had a change in international postcodes… although for us it was moving to our hometown of Sydney, Australia. It might have been a move home, but we sure did it the least straightforward way possible- fitting in a trip in the opposite direction to Croatia (via Helsinki, and no, that is not on the way), and ending with such a complicated 4+ days worth of travel that to be honest, I’m still not entirely sure where I am, let alone where my baking supplies are!

With that in mind, boozy infusions may have been just what the doctor ordered, yet I was definitely likewise challenged as to what I could make in our “home” (aka temporary apartment). Then, one chilly* Sydney winters night, as I hugged a mug of tea, half a brioche leftover on my kitchen bench, it hit me- bread and butter pudding. The sweet salvation of hearty comfort food is surely one of the great things about winter, so with a few tweaks here and a few sips of cointreau there (for taste testing purposes of course), we found ourselves with a crowd pleaser.



There’s nothing not to love about this super simple recipe. It won’t win any contests for its lumpy looks but that intoxicating smell well draw you in and that custardy sloppiness is just perfect for dipping a big spoon into again and again…


Winter calls for indulgence so it’s not necessary but highly recommended to serve this with some cream whipped with vanilla beans/essence .

You can find the recipe here.

*I am well aware that compared to most of the world, Sydney has no place complaining about any winter “chills” but having been in Singapore the last 3 years, anything under 10 degrees is COLD (and I’ve loved it!)

may-june: kerri’s whiskey-infused ice cream sundae

The past couple of months have seen quite a huge change for me – we moved from Singapore to London! It’s been quite the adventure so far, moving from our apartment to a hotel in Singapore, to temporary accommodation in London, within which we moved to a smaller apartment while we wait to move to our permanent address next week! Within a 9 week period, we would have moved 5 times!

So it’s within this framework that I did this challenge. The kitchen offerings in our temporary accommodation are quite basic (I even had to buy my own vegetable peeler, chopping board and dish rack!), so I didn’t have much to work with. But I imagine there are many of us who find themselves in the same position at one time or another, whether you are travelling, in transition, or just don’t have much.

Having less presents more of a challenge to cooking / baking, so sometimes you just have to cheat. By cheat, I mean go to the store and buy some ready made products. You could leave it at that, but if you want to add a personal touch, then condiments are your way to go.


I found an easy recipe for candied whiskey nuts. To be honest, these are best eaten on their own, if you definitely want to taste the whiskey. It gets a little lost when added to other ingredients, but on their own, they’re quite moreish!


And what is a sundae without {chocolate} sauce? A basic chocolate sauce is one of the easiest things to make, and with this one, you just add in the whiskey at the end.


So you’ve got your two homemade condiments ready. Now it’s time to put everything together. And this is where store-bought becomes key. You can buy whatever ice cream you want, whatever other add-ins you want (here, we just added brownies). Put it all together and voila, you have a decadent dessert with a personal touch, indulgent and that little bit naughty with the added whiskey. Yum.


You can find the recipes here:
Candied Whiskey Nuts
Chocolate Whiskey Sauce


Happy Sunday! It’s time to let loose and let the good times roll with some big-kids drinks…this month we are embarking on an alcohol inspired challenge. Cocktail-inspired baked goodness, alcoholic-infused icings, the sky’s the limit and we are more than a little excited! Let the good times roll!!

2016-05-08 (2).png

Photo courtesy of howsweeteats.com

march-april: kerri’s lemon madeleines

Madeleines. I’ve always wanted to make them but always thought they would be difficult. I never read a recipe, just an assumption because they’re french and light, and fiddly because they’re small.

My mum kept some madeleine pans for me which she’s had for many, many years. I decided to bring them back with me after going home for Christmas, because at the back of my mind, my increasing curiosity was getting the better of me.

So I knew exactly what I wanted to make when the bite sized theme was announced. I didn’t want to make something big into bite sized pieces. I wanted to make something that was always meant to be bite sized. And of course, I really wanted to break out those madeleine pans and give them a go.


Madeleines, after all, are not difficult to make. Mine weren’t perfect – a few too many air bubbles in the first couple of batches, but I found that as I sat the raw mix a bit longer, it settled down a bit and the madeleines were still as light, just didn’t have as many holes in them!


So enjoy. They’re so small, light and airy that you really can have more than one, or two, or three, or…


You can find the recipe here.

March-April: Grace’s Lavender and Lemon Friands (with Earl Grey Drizzle)

I am a grazer. When I was young, feeding me would last an entire day as I nibbled my way through meals and even as an adult, I’m such a serial snacker. Big meals intimidate me, but I’ll happily feed like a rabbit all day long, just give it to me bite-sized. So this challenge was one I relished! So much in fact, that I had trouble deciding what to make- cake pops, the wonderful world of cookies and biscuits, scones, muffins, truffles… it’s a dangerous rabbit hole to fall down! 

In the end, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. Tea blending is another passion of mine, and since I’m on the journey to perfect a lavender infused earl grey, I figured I’d make the most of the fragrant lavender buds and earl grey teas I had on hand. Staying inspired by those glorious summers in Provence, I decided on friands, an essential in any french high tea set. 

Warning: the intoxicating smell of lavender as it infuses with the melting butter is seriously seductive.

Happy sweet sweet snacking, these definitely didn’t last long in our house!

Flavours that just work: home blended earl grey with lavender, fresh lemon zest and the deliciousness of almond meal.

You can find the recipe here.


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